The Conference Call Church

The Conference Call Church

We believe in prayer, the commitment to a life connected to our God daily. We believe the most important decisions we will make will be on your knees in prayer. The Conference Call Church where "Prayer, Praise & Purpose Meet" was developed for the christian believer looking for more. You will experience the presence of the Lord while developing a personal walk with Christ, hear your favorite music and be inspired to renew your mind to remind yourself that you are a christian. Listen as you prepare for work, driving to your morning destination or simply in your own personal space at home.

If your looking for something positive that will start your day off, join us on the Conference Call Church everyday Monday thru Friday to receive your breakthrough in Christ.

Walk with us Monday through Friday at 7:00 am - 8:00 am to prepare you to start your day. It's a commitment that will change your life style, choices and freedom. Join our family as we go before the Lord our God by calling 605-472-5288 and the Code: is 718-981# to start something new.

Please feel free to connect with past morning prayer calls below as you begin a new beginning in your life today. Call us for your prayer requests and testimonials at 605-472-5288 Code 718-981# so we can partner in prayer together.

Rev. Brian & Elder Farha Major
The Conference Call Church Founders & Lead Ministers

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