Crystal Clear Legacy Video & Wills

Crystal Clear Legacy Video & Wills

When someone dies, do you really know what their last wishes were for themselves? Are you sure about what they really want at their funeral? Do you know why he/she left certain items to certain people? Crystal Clear Legacy makes it simple and clear during the most painful season of your life. We provide crystal clear answers to every question you may have from the one you love.

Crystal Clear Legacy was developed to preserve the memory, their example, their traditions, your family history from a loved one whom transitioned from life to death. Crystal Clear preserves yesterday for today from from loved ones when individuals need clarity, direction and guidance from someone whom has passed away.

We are unique in our approach that connects family members and future family members with important people in your life. We provide several options you and your family can choose from for your family.

Personal Video

This option allows the individual who is dying to personally tell their life long story about themselves using videos, photos and video interviews. This video will capture your life from a baby to the life span of your life. This video will represent you and allow you to share with upcoming generations an understanding about you.

Our professional videographers and a producer will guide individuals through the process of capturing your story on digital media. Once the interview is complete our post-production editors will produce your heartfelt personal video to be shown during the wake or funeral service upon your request.

This video will be produced with individuals you select to cherish for years to come within your family. Your voice, advise and support will be with them forever.

Personal & Family Video

Our personal and family video is a combination of the person who's life expectancy is reduced and family members being interviewed about the family member. This is a collaboration with all family members.

After the interviews are scheduled and recorded our experienced producers and digital editors will produce a presentation for review at the funeral and/or wake upon the families request.

This option allows the individuals the options to include personal one-on-one and reconciliation videos to be recorded. It also gives the individual the opportunity to share their own last words with the masses of family and friends who will attend their services.

Reconciliation Videos

Our one-on-ones also allow individuals to leave a video message directly to individuals selected by you where issues may need to be addressed. It allows you to express your sympathy, concern, misfortune, or clear up misunderstanding that took place during the course of your life.

We recognize some individuals didn't have the time to reconcile differences with family members, co-workers and even siblings that may exist at the time of one's death. We provide a way to clear the air in a peaceful manner and with no questions left hanging in the balance.

Personal One-on-One

Life has complications and some complications need to be addressed and we provide individuals the options to address individuals in your own way.

Personal one-on-ones are designed to speak to your immediate family members connected to you. This is a time to express person feelings, leave instructions or simply sing their favorite song they loved to hear you sing. A unique way for you to be able to connect directly with your family and friends.

One-On-Ones connect you with those that you love and desire to cherish what you have shared together for generations to come.

Family Video

The family video presentation consist of individuals in the immediate family talking about a deceased loved one. The producers and editors will provide a video presentation using videos, pictures, music and other materials provided by the immediate family. The video presentation will be shown at the funeral and/or wake upon families instructions.

Crystal Clear is dedicated to providing funeral professionals and the families they serve with the assistance required to provide the most compassionate and highest quality services possible.

We pride ourselves on our ability to personalize and individualize each funeral service so that it is truly a memorable experience. To assist our client's family in understanding the many different options that are available, we have outlined some popular service offerings. Any of these can be enhanced to meet your needs when discussing with your family:

  • Clergy or Chaplains
  • Musicians
  • Psalmist & Special Request
  • Video Montage Presentation
  • Audio/Video Support Services (Customize for your funeral setting)
  • Lighting Specials
  • Grief Counseling Services
  • Family Counseling Service