America's Revival

America’s Revival is a national 5013c crusade organization ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ within the United States of America. Over the next 7 years America’s Revival will present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 50 states within 50 Cities in seven years starting in 2015.America’s Revival is scheduled to launch the Summer of 2015 across the nation. Our initial fundraising campaign asks 25,000 christian believers to donate $100.00 each year for 7 years to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and provide support for needy families across the nation as well as securing the appropriate equipment to provide quality worship experiences to include the purchase of a portable stage, RV & Trailer transportation, lighting, audio reinforcement and video coordination for documentation and presentations online and television. Click on the map to the right to enlarge.

Objectives and Purpose

Connecting people back to God

Over the past 20 years individuals lost connection with God from personal tragedy, church hurt, abandonment and past church hurt experiences.

Our goal is to connect 2 million hungry children and families needing assistance with food, clothes and other household necessities.
16 Million children across America are struggling to find food for the next meal. We will provide immediate assistance with partnership, ongoing fund raising opportunities under the umbrella of America's Revival. Partnership within the nation will be established to facilitate the ongoing demand.

Unleashing the next generation of Pastors, Ministers and Praise & Worship leaders across the county as leadership examples for the nation.
We believe the nation must see the next generation of worshippers as an example, in leadership and most importantly defenders of the gospel.

To provide inspiration, support and networking across the nation with the next generation of Pastors, ministers and praise leaders with a national prayer circle.

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Crusade Location & Qualifications

  • Crusade must be held outdoors in a park, field or parking lot to host 3000 - 5000 people and ample amount of parking.
  • Crusade must be free to the public and easy access to the event.
  • Crusade area must have the ability to setup carnival tents.
  • America's Revival will provide all insurances requested by city officials, provide and coordinate building and electrical permits for all crusade locations.

Partnership Incentives

All church host partners will receive incentives to provide outreach at a fraction of the cost for outreach within the community. Fundraising opportunities for equipment enhancements for the church with additional technical support and guidance.

Incentives for partnering host churches with America Revival national outreach:

  • The following year after Hometown Revival crusade the host church can schedule (1) outdoor crusade with all the staging, lighting, video and equipment resources for a outdoor crusade and location of their choosing during no scheduled Saturdays for America Revival.
  • The only cost the host church will endure is labor and gas for the event. This offer eliminates 70% of the cost for outdoor crusade.
  • Direct access to onsite technical consultation and equipment purchases from sponsored vendors for audio, video and lighting vendors in relationship with America's Revival. This offer saves the church 20%-30% from list purchase cost.
  • On air interview for America Revival's reality show, "Serving People" aired on national syndicated network.
  • Provide church with all keynote speaker sermons and worship experiences for America's Revival across the nation for sale within church bookstore.
  • Marketing and promotion consultation for host church and seed partners for America Revival.

How to Become a State-Wide Church Partnership

We are looking to partner state wide with churches in each state across the country as our support base for each state. Individual church organizations can qualify to become a host church buy the requirements listed below:

  • Church doctrine must be centered around the deity God the father Jesus Christ the son and the Holy Spirit, and Messiah and King coming back for christian believers.
  • Church must have a strong outreach ministry for street ministry, prison ministry and food pantry ministry.
  • Church must have influence with other churches in the region where the church worships.
  • Church must be willing to participate in America's Revival online and commercial promotional recording provided by America's Revival.
  • Church must have influence with the local political structure within the City in the city the church worships.
  • Church must be willing to participate in fundraising opportunities within the state of the church.
  • Church must be willing to host pre-meetings and workshops on church campuses.
  • Church must be willing to host Thursday ad Friday night worship services on campus the week prior to Saturday's Crusade.
  • Church must provide one contact to coordinate with America's Revival technical team pre-meeting for their state.
  • Church and senior leadership will participate with America's Revival Crusade onsite and at crusade as host. The Senior Pastor will host the crusade for the event in the park.


All America Revival speakers will be coordinated from our main offices in New Jersey to include the following:

  • Contracts and Special Agreements
  • Honorariums
  • Hotel and Accommodations
  • Onsite Accommodations for all speakers and special guest.
  • Marketplace tent setup and coordination with speakers

Gospel Artists & Local Groups

All America Revival artist and psalmist will be coordinated from our main offices and America's Revival Artist Management Coordinator in New Jersey to include the following:

  • Contracts and Special Agreements
  • Honorariums and/or payments
  • Hotel and Accommodations
  • Onsite Accommodations for all speakers and special guest
  • Marketplace tent setup and coordination with speakers

America's Revival Participation Form


Ways To Give

Text Prayer to (201) 982-7444

Text Prayer to (201) 982-7444